First press escape then the following:
rred text red graphicsR
ggreen text green graphicsG
yyellow text yellow graphicsY
bblue text blue graphicsB
mmagenta text magenta graphicsM
ccyan text cyan graphicsC
wwhite text white graphicsW
aignore black fg allow black fgA
kblack text black graphicsK
dnormal height double heightD
fsteady flashF
hrelease graphics hold graphicsH
iinsert row delete rowI
nblack background new backgroundN
qhide codes show codesQ
scontiguous graphics separated graphicsS
zredraw screen clear screenZ
[narrower screen wider screen]
Oconceal toggle revealV
Uduplicate row toggle gridX
Eexport frame insert block char.J
1-8switch char. sets hide status bar0
9toggle metadata trace image=
Escape then ↑←→↓ to select then ...
x... cut selection ... pastev
No escape required for:
TABinsert space delete characterBS
QWASZXRCF/keypadsubpixel twiddling
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The frame's data is all in the address bar.
To save or share, bookmark/email/etc the URL.