Click below or press Esc then the following keys:
r g y b m c w
k K allow:    A     a   J S s
Twiddle graphics pixels: QWASZX / RFC / number pad
begin new background   N end / black background n
insert / delete row  i  I duplicate row U
steady / flash  f  F release / hold graphics    h  H
normal height text d double height text D
conceal O toggle conceal/reveal
toggle control codes  Q toggle grid X
redraw screen z clear screen Z
cycle character set& hide status bar 0
narrow / widen screen  <  > export teletext E
trace image = paste cut cells V
Select a block of cells: Esc, then arrow keys, then...
cut selected cells X copy selected cells C
shift sixels up Shift ↑ shift sixels down Shift ↓
shift sixels left Shift ← shift sixels right Shift →
No Esc key required to:
delete char. Backspace insert space Tab
The teletext data (your work) is all in the web browser's
address bar. To save or share: bookmark, email, etc.